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an x-ray of a hand fracture

Fractures of the Hand

As our primary means of interacting with the world, our hands are susceptible to injury from falls, accidents, tools. A fracture occurs when the energy applied to a bone sufficient to overcome the structural integrity of the bone. Each bone of the hand can fracture, and each bone can fracture in innumerable ways and patterns. Thankfully, bone is one of the few tissues capable of healing and making itself anew without scar tissue.

The treatment of a particular fracture will vary considerably and depends on the particular bone injured, the amount of displacement between bone fragments, the fracture morphology, the amount of energy imparted to the bone, whether the overlying skin was disrupted, and other associated injuries. Often, fractures can be treated conservatively with immobilization with or without realigning the bone. Sometimes, surgery is needed to realign bones and provide stability, typically with the use of hardware, such as plates, screws, and wires. Surgery should provide sufficient stability to allow motion of the hand. In many cases, therapy is recommended to regain motion and maximize a functional outcome.

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